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GOLFZON Real Simulator Features

GOLFZON N Sensor System

GOLFZON’s internationally patented N Sensor System, with over 170 infra red sensor modules, reads the club and ball data to precisely simulate ball flight.

Smart Auto Tee-up

System automatically tees up the next ball after every shot.You don’t have to bend to set the ball with your hand.

Swing Replay

Records and replays swing motion to help correct golf stance. You can check the pros and cons of your swing by comparing recording and practice by yourself systematically.


The course catalog includes over 160 real life courses with many famous courses such as St. Andrews and Pebble Beach Golf Links, and the list is growing. Whether you want to shoot a round or compete with other golfers, the simulator is able to adapt and offer the versatility to account for local tastes and trends of the golfers.

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